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Rutherford County Ghost and Hauntings


Investigation 1 | 1st step in Ghost Hunting | Photos from Hunts
Photos from Hunts

Photos from my hunts. The ghost have been outlined for you. I will be adding more later.

My trip to stones river battlefield. (Murfreesboro
Kept hearing footsteps behind me as I walk the path at the "Slaughter Pen" stop

Stones River Battlefield

Stones River Battlefield
Appears to be several heads laying on the ground and an African American spirit

coming soon

Stones River Battlefield

Stones River Battlefield
Soldier standing in front

Picture taken from a Mobile Home located in LaVergne. After the owner living there for a few months, they experienced cold spots. Along with someone walking by them that they could not see. Their daughter who is pictured (face blurred for protection) would often tell them that she saw the spirit in the home. Voices could be heard, doors shutting by themselves, recorded sounds of something walking throughout the home when no one was home.After living there for about a year, the owners abandoned the mobile home. The spirit did not follow them. And currently unknown if current tenants are experiencing anything.


More coming soon

More coming soon