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1st step in Ghost Hunting
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1st step in Ghost Hunting


There are several rules that you should follow if you are doing investigations. Most are common sense but I will post them anyways, but I won't go into great detail about them.

1.     Respect the spirit:  Remember to respect the spirit/ghost that you are investigating. Do not make negative comments to or about them in their presence. Like the saying goes, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all." If you were to poke fun at a spirit, not knowing what "mood" the spirit is in, you could get hurt or get someone else hurt. I personally have seen several incidents of people not showing respect and being hurt.



2.     Respect people's property:   Before hunting on someone's property, please make sure you get their permission. Especially if you are planning a hunt at nighttime. Simply contact the owner or caretaker of the property/cemetary and let them know who all is going to be on their property and for what reason and if you can exactly what time. I suggest to get this in writing or recorded. Just for reference in case something happens and the owner states that you didn't have permission or if you get stopped by the police. You have proof of why you are there. Also when you are conducting your investigation, please remember to not damage anything. Because you will be liable.



3.     Look at the signs:   Know how somethings seem to happen to prevent you from going somewhere or doing something. Pay attention to these signs. If you are starting your investigation and before you can leave your home to go there, and let's say your car doesn't start. Call the investigation off. Always use your "gut feeling".



4.     Be prepared:     If you are planning to do an investigation, I suggest to investigate during the daytime. So you will be familiar with the terrain. And you can get a feel of what you are doing. So if you do or want to do an investigation at night, you will know exactly how the grounds are. If there are sink holes, or whatever. Also, always bring extra batteries and flashlights. Some entities will drain your batteries from your cameras and flashlights, so don't be alarmed. Simply remember to bring extras with you.


If you are investigating a cemetary. Make sure you park your car in an area where you could get to it quickly if you need to. There are spirits that like to chase visitors. So the quicker you are able to get back to your car, the safer you will be.



5.     Have knowledge:   If you are going to a site specifically looking for a certain spirit, investigate them. Know everything about them. From the way they move, they act. If they are nice or evil. This helps when you are investigating haunted homes. Find out who owned it, what was there before the home. Is it located near any historic grounds, who all in the home have experienced the paranormal.



6.      Make sure you have someone that is experienced with you: If you plan on doing an investigation and it is your first time, please find someone that is more experienced to go with you. They will know what to do and can recognize sign that you might not.  This also involves in contacting the spirit. Never contact a spirit by yourself, for several reasons. The main reason is that you could become possessed by the spirit or you may not be able to put the spirit back once your bring them out.



7.     Overall, be safe!: If you arrive at a location that you are planning on investigating and something doesn't feel right, then it probably isn't. As I stated before, use your "gut feelings". Have fun investigating, but be safe and be aware of your surroundings at all times.                   

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