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1st step in Ghost Hunting

Investigation #1
Place: LaVergne Trailer Park
Date: 8/2004 
Complaints: Woman seen walking throughout trailer. Doors open and shut by themselves. Stove turns on by itself. Lights flickering.
We arrived at the trailer around noon. I sat up a recorder to catch sounds that we wouldn't normally hear. I did get the feeling that someone was in the trailer and wasn't nice. When I started asking questions about was there someone else in the house, a door slammed shut. Then we felt a cold breeze sensation around us.
I opened my bag and got my bottle of Rosemary water and started to walk down the hallway to the door that was shut. I could not move the door. I explained to the spirit that I was not there to hurt her or him but to help.
And that the current tenants didn't mind her staying with them. That the tenants actually thought it was kind-of cool that she was there. But they just wanted to let her know that she didn't need to try and scare them or try and hurt them. The door then became unlocked so I could open the door.
I asked if she wanted to stay in the house or to leave and move on. When we listened to the tape later, she stated "stay".
I asked her is there anything that we can help her with or do. Her response was "go away".
We then smelled a very musty and negative smell and I know from experience that the smell is a bad/evil spirit.
On the tape after we smelled the nasty smell, deep footsteps could be heard throughout the house.
I with the help of some friends, blessed the house to rid it of the evil spirits. We spent approximately an hour to make sure we blessed the whole home and welcomed the Goddess and Gods to protect this family and their home.
We then left and told the family if they had anymore problems to contact us ASAP. To date...9/22/04...we have not been contacted by this family. So the trailer was cleansed and the family was freed from the torment of the spirit.

The family's name and address is being hidden to protect their identity and privacy. 


Investigation #2
Address is withheld, but will state that it is Smyrna.

After the owners first moved into the home, there started senses things throughout the home. Like cold spots, hot spots, doors refusing to open and then other times the doors would be fine. And a deep voice stating "hello" occasionally.
One room within the home was always cold. No matter what season it was, the temp stayed cold. At night you could hear the ghost walking the floors at night. Residents stated that they sometimes woke up to the feeling of someone staring at them. But when they awoke, no one was there.
One resident state that the ghost would shake them and wake them up if someone was entering their property. As an example one night, a young man jumped the fence to their back yard. They stated that the ghost shook them and told them to get up. When the person got up and went to the back door, she saw the young man. She of course called the police and the man fled.
Another incident at the home was when one member of the family who was not a believer in the paranormal made rude comments about the ghost. The members stated that they heard a light boom sound that came from their garage. When they got there to investigate they had noticed that the rude member's motorcycle had been pushed over and was laying on the ground. After raising the motorcycle up off of the ground, they noticed long fingernail scratches on the gas tank. The rude member soon apologized and nothing like this happened to him again.
The ghost there would also play tricks on the members. Take things and hide them or something just take them. Car keys found in the freezer. TV turning on by itself. Phone rings and no one on the other end. Doors unlocking and locking themselfs. An example of this is where one of the members went into the bathroom. Trying to exit the bathroom the door would not budge. The doorknob would not turn from either side. Until the member stated the ghost's nickname and ask for it to let them out, the doorknob would then be able to turn and the member would be able to get out.
In the mornings, the ghost would always say "Hi" to the members to let them know that he was there. They stated that the ghost would come and go. He would be there for a few months. And then it would be quiet for about a month and then he would come back.
Children in the home could see him and let the others know where he was. I saw one of the little children around 1yr old. sitting on the floor and offering her toy to the ghost by raising it up into the air. She was looking in the air at someone or something and talking baby talk to it.
The dogs in the home could also sense when the ghost was around. Sometimes the dogs would whine and hide under the kitchen table for no apparent reason. Other times they would bark up toward the ceiling and at the walls. Seeming to attack what or whoever was there.
The members did have pictures of the ghost that had appeared in a few photos. But after I viewed them and showed them exactly what the ghost had looked like, the pictures a few days later, came up missing. And to this day have not been found. Apparently the ghost does not like to be photographed.
The family moved from the home and I have not been able to contact them to find out if the ghost has followed them or if the ghost remains in the home. The home sits empty currently.




Investigation #3
Place: Stones River National Battlefield
Time: Noon
Stop #2 Slaughter Pen
We stopped and parked our cars. The day was sunny. Now clouds, no mist, etc.
I started up the trial that lead into the woods were there are 3 or 4 cannons that lay in a pit. We read the sign that was there that told of the tragedy that happened at this stop during the Civil War.
I started walking past the cannons and heard someone following. When I turned, no one was there. This happened to me twice, still I could see no one behind me.
On the 3rd time I started to walk the path deeper into the woods, I heard the person step and turned around and snapped a pic.
You will see in the pic section of this area and situation that I am speaking of. When I downloaded the pics off of my camera, I saw a figure of a young soldier and another man leaning up against a tree next to the cannons.

The above investigations were done by myself. These investigation reports are not allowed to be recopied, posted, etc without my permission. Please email me if you have any questions at

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