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Haunted Sites

Haunted Sites
1st step in Ghost Hunting


La Vergne-
  • Large mobile home park(several reports of paranormal activity)

  • Room rental place (civil war graves exist on property behind some of the rooms) it is located behind the LaVergne Library

    • Sam Davis Home(numerous accounts of mysterious lights,fogs,etc) 
    • Apartment off of Sam Ridley(a few incidents of unusual activity)
    • Apartment off of Old Nashville Hwy (investigated an apt there where the ghost of an unhappy old man was reported)
    • Private Home on Ridgeland Dr
    • Fate Sanders Boat Dock (ghost of a young boy)

  • Stones River National Battlefield
  • Stones River Civil War Cemetary
  • Shop on the square (see the tears of a "crying" ghost on the front windows.
  • Oakland Manor
  • Cannonsburg
  • Railroad track at Florence Rd(person killed and reportedly is back every midnight or every Halloween)
  • Railroad track on Church St(several people killed at this location)
  • Trimble Cemetary
  • Private Home on Cooper Dr.(homes are built on top of historical battlefields. The home that I investigated had the ghost of a little boy and a little girl that ran through the house at night.)
  • Beasley Cemetary off of Mason Pk


More Locations Coming Soon!

If you know of any areas not listed, fill out the form on the Comment/Question page. Thank you very much! 

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